The Movie Review blog is dedicated to films and offers movie reviews of different genres and production years. I decided to create this site to share my opinions on the cinema and to hear out others' points of view. Filmmaking is the greatest art, that's what I always say, and if you share my passion to it, stop by for a moment, read a post or two, and say what you think. Unfortunately, I don't write as often as I would like to but I strongly believe that soon I'll find the balance and combine quite a few things in my life, the movie reviews including.

Where the blog name comes from? It just popped up in one of my fiction writings and I liked it. Simple.


1) If you like Inception, you are my friend.
2) I am the kind reviewer. I believe that even those who make crappy movies, do more than me sitting in front of computer and writing some stuff. Plus, in any film/book, no matter how cheesy it is, you can find something useful.

3) I wish you a wonderful day.

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