Friday, September 2, 2011

Exorcismus (2011)

There are some movies that transcend the word bad, these movies are ones that get everything wrong....and I mean everything. Not one decent thing can be found among these movies. EXORCISMUS (an English-language exorcism film from Spain) is one of these movies! It truly blows my mind how the cast and crew of this movie thought that it was any all.

The plot is as cardboard as they come. Emma Evans is having problems and strange occurences around the home. Turns out she's possessed. Her family calls in a troubled priest with a troubled past (aren't they all troubled with troubled pasts!) who has to exorcise this demon from Emma. To give you an idea of how unoriginal this movie is the original title was THE POSSESSION OF EMMA EVANS (which is the second "Possession Of..." title in a year, the last one was the utterly painful POSSESSION OF DAVID O'REILLY!).

Honestly, you're better off just sticking to THE EXORCIST, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, THE LAST EXORCISM, and (if the trailer is any indication) the upcoming movie THE RITE! All these movies are so much better than EXORCISMUS! It just so unbelievably horrid! Not one redeemable thing is in this movie...not one! Ridiculous use of slow-mo, some of the worst cinematography in recent history, bad effects, the list goes on!

I will never understand what the makers of this movie thought they were creating. Such a sucky, sucky film with an unoriginal and lame premise. Even if you like Exorcism movies, you still should avoid this like an actual possessed person!

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